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IT leaders have big objectives for the upcoming year, from driving their organization’s missions to delivering continuous improvement.

Find out how businesses are driving new value and solving old problems with modern data architectures including data lakehouses, data fabric and data mesh. Cloudera's Vice President of Product Marketing, Luke Roquet will dive into what’s new with these architectural approaches and more in this on-demand video from ClouderaNow.

Elon Musk announced today that Twitter users will soon be able to side swipe for switching between tweets, trends, topics, lists, and more. The new Twitter CEO has been making sweeping changes to the social media platform since his $44 billion takeover.

When working on a project, one of the key elements is obtaining control over the many aspects that are key to the project success. Correct documentation control is an essential part of project control since project documents are created to cover all the important details of the project from initial conception through to completion.

In the run-up to 2023, cyber security professionals are taking the time to reflect on the past few months and share their biggest lessons of 2022

IT automation, sometimes referred to as infrastructure automation, is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Automation software works within the confines of those instructions, tools, and frameworks to carry out the tasks with little to no human intervention.


This section focuses on IT updates relevant to what we do as an organization. It is updated regularly by our team and content ranges from local to international technology news covering integration, optimization, automation, system documentation and system support. We also share any opportunities in our organization as part of the latest the news.


IT Support Specialists

Kensuluhu is a rapidly growing niche player in the industry with very demanding client needs specifically focusing on optimization, integration, support and documentation. You got what it takes to support our client systems and give satisfactory customer experience? Are you a skilled technology support resource able to deliver value as you grow in your career? Are you known to quickly solve customer issues by accurately troubleshooting the root course in record time? If your response is yes, please proceed to careers section to read more and apply.

IT Support Trainees

At Kensuluhu, we offer exceptional exposure and training experience as well as empower talents to make an impact that matters. We are looking for people with the relentless energy to push themselves further and to find new avenues and spur career growth in our ecosystem. If you are interested, please proceed to careers section to read more and apply.