About Us


Our Story

Kensuluhu is such an amazing team of consultants, analysts and programmers and we love what we do. After being in employment for over 15 years, in 2020, when the pandemic did its thing, we were out in the cold thinking of what to do next. With just two clients and one project and myriads of challenges, the organization was born!

We do not have lots of fancy gold or silver partnerships nor ever won any major award in the three years we’ve been in the market, but our customers are happy and the project success rate is 100%! Many already have all softwares you can think of, so our noble goal is just to make them work better. It’s that simple.

We also believe in creating a positive impact through technology integration; on our clients and their customers and suppliers; on the way products are built and delivered with the tech industry and on the communities which we work and live.

Our Values

We work with ethics in the market. Why advise you to buy extra licences if you can optimize what you have?
We take responsibility for everything we do, that’s why we are trusted by our customers! Our code will always run!
Our standards are higher than competition, some much bigger than us. Let’s document your systems, the presentation will be humbling!
As a team, we work together and achieve greater things! This happens at every stage of each project we get.

Success Stories

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- Sara Jones

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to thrive in the new digital age, optimizing and leveraging on new technologies to enable a smooth running of the enterprise with a vision of being a compliant market leader with professionalism, teamwork, ethics and higher standards as the key drivers.

Brief Kensuluhu Stats

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Key Objectives

To always ensure our customers are served well and efficiently with integrity and passion.

To maintain and improve relevant team skill-sets in order to remain relevant in the highly competitive market.

To exhibit integrity at all times and be able to deliver value to our partners and customers.