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Do you have disparate systems in your ecosystem? Do you believe these systems can seamlessly work together to give more value? We are here to help you achieve exactly that! In our delivery portfolio, we aim at uniting all virtual and physical components into a single cohesive configuration to ensure that all individual pieces of an organization work as a whole. We mostly major in software, application and databases.

The primary reason why businesses implement system integration is to ensure that all systems work together in harmony to boost productivity and enhance the quality of day-to-day operations. This further simplifies, secures and streamlines communication between not only the organization’s internal systems but also third parties the organization works with.

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Platforms and Frameworks

We work on both Windows and Linux ecosystems:


Our Work

3 years old, over 15 major projects across East Africa Community. Over 20 happy clients and growing!

Recently closed projects

  • Integrating ERP System to SMS Gateway

  • Implementing crane lifting schedules

  • Extending ERP System Reporting and Analytics on Google Looker

  • Extending ERP System Reporting and Analytics on Google Looker

Key Areas

System Optimization

From office applications to enterprise databases and other software, we can help optimize it for you! Get the full potential of what you pay for, pump in some adrenaline to your business. Kensuluhu has qualified and dedicated staff that will help you maximize on the systems you are running and ease collaboration as well as security.

System Integration

You want your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to talk to your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)? You need a workflow to convert those confirmed quotes to orders and keep updating the sales manager as well as the customer via text messages or email? Or maybe you want to extend your reporting via PowerBi or Google Looker Studio and add more metadata to make it look more meaningful? Probably you would also want to review your DLP (Data Loss Protection) standards based on certain rules and policies within your organization? We take it all to the next level!

System Support

Upon request, we can also support systems that we deploy or deployed by other entities based on specific terms. We have a responsive team that can do various levels of support even 24/7 remotely upon request for critical systems or be based permanently on customer premises. We cover our integration areas, ERP systems, infrastructure, databases, analytics and application security. Our scope is East Africa Community area or any other locale that speaks English.

System Documentation

Many softwares come with documentation, but upon implementation, certain elements change that need to be harmonized for easier enduser consumption. This helps with not only continuity but also day-to-day user support and productivity. Some systems also have very bulky documentation with lots of technical references not so friendly to many users. We sit with your team, understand how exactly they use your systems, then document it exactly as expected; you end up with your properly versioned SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) either hosted on-premise or in our cloud for easier reference.

Success Stories

Kensuluhu did it at last! Upon invoicing a customer, they are able to immediately see text messages with short invoice details. Also when payments are made, both cash, via mobile payment or through the bank, the trigger sends a message to the respective customer with the amount received and the balance. This means we don’t have to wait till end month to send statements and thus reconciliations happen faster.

Finance Manager and Managing Director are also able to get daily sales figures at specific times. This saves time since we don’t have to log on to the system and consume CALs (Client Access Licenses) for both VPN and ERP. For reports, we are able to access them via Google! Quite amazing! We are able to see which location has what sales figures in real time! It’s faster, cheaper and quite convenient!

- Happy Customer

Why Choose Us

15 Years of Experience
Kensuluhu is a relatively young entity, but has very experienced staff with global exposure and remarkable project portfolios. Our customer base is growing and we get more referrals by the day!
Dedicated Team
Our team of professionals are committed and always willing to listen to clients. We make quicker decisions and always work within stipulated timelines.
We’ve done both large and small projects alike. We’ve collaborated with other entities to deliver value and leverage. This is what defines us in the 15 closed projects!

Products We Work With


Manufacturing and Distribution
Integration can either be on the sales, inventory, purchase orders, manufacturing or financial side.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's)
Integrations in this sector mostly coveronline API calls or Business objects on supplier or other systems accessible online.
IT Service Providers
We partner with other ICT service providers at verious levels to hel deliver on various projects. We also professionally document their systems and training manuals.